Why We Are Attracted to Certain People

Why Are We Attracted to Certain People?

Biological Attraction

Human attraction has two dimensions. The first involves pheromones that arouse strong sentiments. This is something other animals, especially mammals, all share. Biological attraction is a necessity driven by chemical reactions in the body. There is absolutely nothing wrong or diminishing about this sort of attraction. It is something to be celebrated, especially when we feel good feeling for others, and it should be nourished, to a certain extent.

These feelings are important for not only ensuring the continuation of our species but in forming strong bonds, all of which create healthy and productive societies. It is something we should proudly share with the rest of the animal kingdom to remind us that we are a part of this world, not above it.

But although biological attractions can be complex, they tend not to be too specific so that they’re not entirely restricted to a certain individual. As humans, we can thus go beyond the physical and approach a kind of attraction that touches on something else.

Spiritual Attraction

Attraction can and often does go beyond the physical. In the human experience, attraction can be conceptual, sometimes transcending what is known, and oftentimes entering into conflict with what we think we know.

In this way, the attraction we feel for some people is clearly spiritual (for lack of a better word), since nothing tangible can be pinpointed as a root cause.

In such cases, it is often directed at a particular person, someone who stands out from the rest of the crowd. There may be reasons attributed to such attraction. You may find that that person is attractive, or that that person has common interests, or that you admire certain qualities they possess.

It could be one or more of such reasons, or it could be none, and the mystery of the attraction is intensified even more. Sometimes even the reasons you find are only afterthoughts that attempt to explain the inexplicable.

Whatever the case, this experience is human, and just serves to show why there is more to us than our existence on the physical plane. Ideas are in and of themselves immaterial. The idea of love is something so complex it could never be grounded in anything visible to the naked eye.

So what is it? A complex perception of various elements coming together simultaneously to create a unique experience? Perhaps. Perhaps we may never know.

Harnessing the Spiritual

Exposing that mysterious element in yourself will act as a powerful agent in attracting certain people as well as certain desirable things you would want to help you grow. Although much is attributed to the heart when it comes to sentimental feelings, the mind really is the main receptor and emitter of all things transcendent.

Therefore, knowing how to use the mind to its greatest capability only works to your advantage, and it can be done. What is meant here is that the journey towards self-knowledge is a journey performed with the mind (discover your values, goals, beliefs) and it is a journey that can help you to form an attraction with kindred others.

When you know yourself well, that is when you will attract the right person to your life!


There is much about life that we don’t yet understand. Asking why we are attracted to certain people can sometimes prove to be one of those unanswerable questions. And that’s all right. The important thing is that the attraction proves to be beneficial to your well-being as well as being rewarding.



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