Tell-Tale Signs of Attraction

Everyone has felt attracted to someone at least at some point in their lives. The likelihood that you have never had this feeling is highly unlikely.

However, it may have been at some time in the distant past, or perhaps you feel doubts that you have felt it to its full extent. That too is highly probable. Attraction can range, and when it is at its truest, it is a magical feeling.

The Tell-Tale Signs: What Attraction Feels Like


Love, as well as all related feelings, tends to be associated with illnesses, and for a good reason. Attraction can make you rather forgetful. This could mean forgetting anything, from the activities you are engaged in, to losing awareness of your surroundings.

It is almost as if your mind focuses all its resources on remembering every detail of the person you are attracted to, so that it disables all other memory functions. It could also mean forgetting much about what you thought you knew about yourself. In other words, attraction can turn your world upside down, and that shift is a feeling you are bound to recognize.


Attraction can also make you hone in on yourself. It will make you self-conscious and self-aware so that everything you do is felt strongly. Your appearance, your smell, and the way you move—these perceptions are all amplified when you feel attracted to someone.

That means the feeling of attraction could be nothing more than just a heightened awareness of yourself. It also means an increase in the perception of your life experience. Despite the confusion it may cause, especially when you think you have spotted shortcomings, it is important to remember that all these perceptions imply something positive.


Attraction means wanting something. It actually mostly means wanting a lot of things. The desire for a physical connection is common, perfectly natural, and really the pinnacle of any feeling of attraction. Desire can extend beyond the physical and become a strong feeling of curiosity and discovery.

You can often feel like you want to get to the heart of whom you are attracted to. This can often be done by searching their own desires, and when a feeling of attraction is strong and pure, you will want to fulfill those desires.

A Trip

Attraction may make you feel like you have been taken, almost unexpectedly, from one familiar place into completely unknown territory. Unlike a kidnapping, this will be a good thing, and it will feel good, too.

If anything, it feels more like an escape, as if you have broken free of gravity’s chains to soar high above the ground. In truth, it does give you an unearthly feeling that may detach you from reality, but a little escape done in the right way is something we all should feel.


Attraction can make you feel as special as you find the other person. This is especially true if that person responds in kind. The strong feeling is then mutually shared, and as many people describe it, everything around you disappears so that you feel you are the only two people in the world.

This is attraction’s most useful feeling. If anything can make you feel special, it is the love and affection of someone who would otherwise be a complete stranger, since you have no initial formal ties to that person.

Attracting Attraction

That all sounds fine and dandy, but if you are not currently attracting anyone, then it could be a little frustrating. There is no need to worry as there is a way to attract attraction. As a matter of fact, the potential to attract is within us all, and all you need to do is turn it on.


If you have never experienced attraction before, or you have and it didn’t go as far as you hoped, there is good cause to keep going. Namely, the very feelings you get are, of themselves, encouraging factors. So don’t give up.


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