If You Want it, You Can Have it!

These days we are all so much more aware of the fact that there are countless opportunities out there, opportunities which can help us not only reach our potential, but also realise our dreams. In order to do this, of course you need drive, determination, and the guts to go for what you want, but how exactly do you finally manage to manifest those dreams into reality? Do you need a magic wand? A trip to Hogwarts? Perhaps a little black magic?

None of the above! Here’s the magic trick: If You Want it, You Can Have it!

Life is not a picnic, this is something we know, but if you can harness the power of your mind, and use it to manifest your dreams and desires, life becomes much easier, more fulfilling, and generally you are a happier person overall! Is it easy? No, but is it possible? Entirely! Hard work and dedication will get you to where you need to be, with your dreams firmly in reach.

Does this sound like mumbo jumbo to you? It’s not! The main thought which holds people back is a negative one, i.e. “things like that don’t happen to people like me”; well, why not? It has to happen to someone, why not you?

The ability to change your mindset and turn your dreams into a reality is something that we all need to understand. Whether we’re talking about a new car, money, new love, a new house, or a new job, if you want it, you can have it, with a little work along the way!

Positive thinking, either through becoming a more positive person overall, using positive affirmations daily and decluttering your life and mind have changed the lives of millions for the better. When we are more positive, banishing negative thoughts and actions, we become more confident, we attract what we want, we strive for doors to open, we create opportunities, and from there we can design and attract abundance into our lives, whether that is something material, or something more emotional, such as love.

There is no magic or sorcery involved in this, it is all down to the power of your mind, changing the way you think and act, and allowing opportunities to be created in front of your eyes. Of course, it is then up to you to take those opportunities; for instance, if you want a new car, having a positive attitude towards saving cash will bring forward opportunities to make cash, and if you take them, bingo! The car is yours before too long! The point here is that there is a very close and direct link between your mind and the things that happen to you in the world (and this something most people don’t realize).

Of course, you could also look at this in the form of someone looking for love. If you stay home and feel negative, hiding yourself away because you don’t feel good about yourself, how are you ever going to meet someone? On the other hand, if you adopt a positive mental attitude, you have pride and confidence in your appearance, you’re much more likely to head outside, and then opportunities to meet Mr or Mrs Right will appear!

Whether you believe in fate and destiny or not, the bottom line is that we can make our own reality through the power of our minds. We hear the staying that “life is too short” far too much these days, but it’s true; you only have to turn on the news or open a newspaper to see stories of death and destruction at every turn – do you want to be someone who look back on their life years later only to wish that you had done something differently?


A little encouragement and a little belief in the power of your own mindset is all that is needed, in order to attract what you want firmly in your own direction.



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