How to Attract Girls (Without Being Gerard Butler) :)

Attracting girls is possible. Throughout the millennia, it has always been possible and essential for the survival of our species.The first step you want to take when trying to attract girls is to stop thinking that it is too difficult for you.

Attraction 101: How to Attract Girls

Remember that girls, just like boys, will naturally be attracted to someone. It is as hardwired in them as much as it is in everyone else. However, you probably do want to attract the right kind of girls, and that takes some work.


The point of self-improvement isn’t to radically change who you are until you become a different person. It is important to remember to always be yourself. That said, there are certain aspects of you that are more attractive than others, and it is those that you need to bring to the forefront.

Avoid being too harsh on yourself, so that you see yourself in a negative light, but always look for constructive criticism and pay attention to the things you do that end up harming you. Cultivate healthy habits as you would a garden. Water and nurture the right characteristics, those that make you attractive, and you will reap many benefits.


Image is important. It is the first thing that people take note of before you are given a chance to say anything about yourself. Image can also mean many things. It could mean a clean, sharp look that many girls will be attracted to. It could also mean all the things you as a person are associated with.

Actions speak louder than words, so engaging in activity will say a lot about you, thus attracting the attention of many girls. Hobbies and volunteer work are a good example of activities you should be associated with.

More importantly, this already works as a filter to better your chances with the girls you do engage with, since you are likely to be engaged in an activity of mutual interest. That is just one reason why it is essential that your image is grounded in something real.

There is a tangible difference between image and appearances. Avoid appearances at all costs. Focus on the activity at hand, or the good reasons why you choose to present yourself the way you do, and your image will last long enough to attract the right girl.

Don’t assume that you have to cultivate the image of a cool, can’t-be-bothered type in order to attract a girl. Girls love attention. But hate desperation. Give them the attention, but don’t hang by their every word.


It is important not to be picky. If you manage to attract a supermodel, with all the looks you could want, then job well done.

However, that isn’t always what’s best for you. Girls come in many different shapes, sizes, and characters. Very rarely do they excel in all the different areas they could. Accept the girls whose attention you have gotten, get to know them a little, and you might be surprised to discover what you like.

You shouldn’t undervalue yourself either, try to know yourself well and be honest about what is important to you. The only way you can attract a girl who’s actually right for you is if you know your own values well!


Successfully attracting girls is not only possible, but it is also a fun experience rife with adventure and self-discovery. There is the potential within you to attract the best by being the best.


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