5 Laws and Principles of Attraction

5 Laws and Principles of Attraction

Have you ever thought about what makes certain people attractive to such a great variety of people? It isn’t necessarily their wealth, nor is it their fame or physical beauty. Yet these people seem to have mastered the laws and principles of attraction. Sometimes, some people might call what they have “charisma.”

But “charisma” is a term that has too much mystery behind it. Liking to break things down, we have isolated instead 5 concrete laws and principles of attraction.

1. Don’t Wait For No Man/Woman!

The principle of attraction depends on a certain unplanned spontaneity. If you are sitting at home waiting for a text to come in, desperately stalking your crush’s social media, you’re not getting any closer to making attraction happen! Don’t wait, don’t linger, don’t try to control the situation. The only way for true attraction to happen is when you’re out there enjoying your own life!

2. Frame of Mind

How you view the world determines how it really is! The universe is something like a mirror to your own mindset. See it in a negative light, and it becomes a negative place. See it in a positive light, with a positive frame of mind, and it will respond in kind. People are innately drawn to positive people. This is the first and most important principle of attraction and one you need to understand before moving forward!

No matter what curveball life throws you, start off by cherishing the small victories in life, and they will give you strength and encouragement to face greater challenges.

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3. No One Can Give You What You Can’t Give Yourself

Ever wonder why telemarketers can be so irritating? It is because we fundamentally feel that they are trying to get something out of us. The principle of attraction works the same way: Want nothing! If someone feels like you are trying to attach yourself to a certain lifestyle by grasping for their attention, they are not going to be attracted to you. The principle of attraction works in this way: Two people who weren’t even looking for anything, finds in another person, a certain missing magical element that they didn’t even know they were searching for before!

4. What Attraction Isn’t

One often overlooked principle of attraction is that attraction is just that, attraction. It isn’t love; it isn’t commitment, it isn’t friendship, it isn’t loyalty. Enjoy the rush of euphoria of attraction, because it’s kinda irreplaceable. But don’t make it out to be what it isn’t!

5. Putting a Little Work into Yourself Does Not Hurt!

If you read “Why We Are Attracted to Certain People,” you will have already understood that the physical aspects of things have way less to do with attraction than you might have thought. But I urge you to buy a nice shirt, if you’re a guy. And to get a pedicure now and then, if you’re a woman. The reason for this is that looking our best, feeling great, all radiate positive energy. It is also a form of self-care. You don’t have to get a pedicure just so that you can attract a guy. But I guarantee you that the day you walk out of the elevator looking pretty great, it might make a nice difference in the way you carry yourself. And confidence is of course a principle of attraction.




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