10 Signs to Watch Out For When Someone Likes You

Getting to know a person takes time. Getting to know whether a person really likes you may even take more time. That said, there are giveaway signs that both men and women demonstrate, betraying that they really like someone. It is important to take note of these signs as they will allow you to confidently make a move.

10 Signs To Watch Out For When Someone Likes You

You never know what may come of it. Paying attention to these signs could prove to be a defining moment in your life. So what are the signs?

1. They text you before noon. On a weekday.

Come on. Enough said. Texting, during work, before they even had lunch? They’re crushing on you!

2. They remember what you said two weeks ago.

You don’t even remember what you said about the movie Inglorious Bastards two weeks ago, but they do?!

3. They ask about your family.

They do this because you are a real person in their eyes; they understand that your life spreads out beyond the context they know you in.

4. They buy you dinner.

It’s lovely when ladies pick up the tab sometimes. It takes a confident woman to do that. And despite this being the modern age, it is also lovely when a guy picks up the tab. If he does it with a certain insistence, it might be a sign that he likes you. Or when she does it looking super cute that night, and if her hand brushes against yours while she takes the check out of your hand, that could be a sign that she likes you.

5. Their texting involves GIFs, videos, and ahem… selfies.

If the person is saying “k,” move on. If they are coming up with an elaborate, charmingly transparent excuse to get you to send them a selfie of you right then and there, hmm…

6. They tend to hover around you when in a group.

Isn’t it always exciting to go out in a big group and see how much effort that special person takes to grab the chair next to yours? That’s cute.

7. They act weird.

Alas, the person who likes you is going to act weird. This might mean that at some point, they might worry about being too obvious and retreat. If there are inconsistencies in their attitude, they’re definitely risking their heart on some level.

8. You know them much better today than you did when you first met them.

It’s a two-way street. If someone really likes you, they’re going to share parts of their personality with you. If that person remains a distant stranger, it’s hard to say that they really like you. But if you start to know more and more about a reticent friend of yours, somehow, then chances are good that they shared personal details with you for a reason.

9. You have chemistry.

Chemistry is so hard to define. It means that two people manage to build a kind of lighthearted banter but also form a kind of intensity between the two of them that is extremely hard to replace. It takes engagement to have chemistry like that. If you do have it with someone, they might like you.

10. You got a sense a certain someone likes you, that’s why you’re reading this.

Hey, you know it. In all likelihood, your mind is already thinking about a certain someone. If you’re reading this and going “hah” to each sign, your friend probably does like you, a lot.







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