List of Attraction Triggers

List of Attraction Triggers

Men and women are triggered by each other. The slightest brush, the briefest stare, the most uneventful occasion, all of these can spark the beginning of a long lasting and fiery relationship. Once triggered, you will still need to fan the flames of the relationship, not to mention the need to keep it burning throughout.

List of Attraction Triggers for Men and Women

There are ways to activate attraction triggers, making it easier to be attractive, but before we get into that, let’s look at a list of common attraction triggers.

For Men

Getting a woman’s full attention can be achieved by triggering her first. The following are four highly magnetic triggers.

Confidence: Being confident in yourself is something that all women will notice. This doesn’t mean you have to wear the most expensive clothes or have a perfect body. It just means you need to be sure of yourself by knowing that you do as much as you can. When done correctly, self-confidence will exert itself naturally, so you won’t have to actively flaunt it.

Calm: Learning how to master the art of patience will serve as an effective trigger. A man’s calm demeanor says a good deal about himself, his ability to handle situations, and more importantly, his ability to handle a woman’s imperfections. The opposite sex is fully aware of their flaws and will want to know that the occasional slight will not cause long-term damage to a relationship.

Activity: Men need to keep busy. Believe it or not, the sight and smell of sweat are attractive to women, though they would never admit it. While this is true, it is also best to keep using cologne. The point is that women want to see a man busy, as that says a lot about who he is, but he should smell good, too.

Chase: The age-old chase is still attractive to women. Express interest, and if they decline on principle, then you should persist. It is important to know when a woman is genuinely not interested in you, such as when you are just bugging her, but often times they will make things difficult in order to make sure you are sincere about your interests.

For Women

Women tend not to need to do much when it comes to attracting guys. However, when it comes to attracting great guys, the type they themselves are into, there are a few triggers worth taking note of:

Uniqueness: Be different. Many women can wear short skirts and blush their eyes, so find something about you that is unique. The great thing about this trigger is that there is always something you can find that is different about yourself. Human individualism guarantees that. All you need to do is learn how to use it.

Independence: Great men admire independent women. Naturally, they will want you to count on them from time to time. But having the first impression that you don’t need them will certainly make them want you to want them. This is a trigger that can be broken but as a general rule should always be applied.

Mystery: Leading a man on by revealing different aspects of yourself is something that takes a while, so on a first encounter, don’t reveal too much. The right type of guys should have the patience and determination to peel back the layers gradually. It all has to start somewhere.

Encouragement: As much as men like to brag about strength, women are often the pillar of a relationship, and that all stems from their ability to offer encouragement. Without saying a word, this can become a trigger, such as staying silent and allowing a man you are genuinely interested in to prove himself. Men will sense that they are under pressure and the great ones will rise to the occasion.


The fact of the matter is that both men and women struggle with the same conflicts. We are all imperfect creatures trying to find the best in ourselves so we can attract the best sort of people.

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