How to Attract Love Into Your Life

How to Attract Love Into Your Life

Because It’s Not All Down to Cupid: Attract Love Into Your Life

We all have a deep seated desire to be loved, and to love someone in the same way, whether we want to admit it or not. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to be independent, but at the heart of the matter, pardon the pun, is the truth that human beings are meant to love and be loved in return.

Of course, finding someone who fits the bill, and someone who loves you back in the same way isn’t the easiest task in the world. These days, the abundance of information that comes our way, usually from social media, makes us more paranoid and less trusting of each other than ever before.

Finding love is now a minefield of issues that makes most of us wonder whether it’s really worth it. Of course, at the crux of the matter is the truth that yes, it is more than worth it.

It’s perfectly normal to experience a ‘dry patch’ of sorts, e.g. a time when you simply don’t feel like you’re meeting anyone new, or perhaps the people you do meet you just don’t click with. In these situations, you’re likely to wonder how you can attract new and meaningful love into your life.

It’s perfectly do-able, you just need to harness the power of your mind!

Positivity is key, but having a good relationship with yourself is also vital. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to? It’s important that you realise how much of an amazing person you are, both on the outside with your physical appearance, and on the inside, in terms of our personality too.

For instance, one of the most common issues that both men and women deal with these days is body confidence. We are bombarded with images online, in magazines, and on the TV of so-called perfection, that it makes us feel like we just don’t compare.

Of course, the reality of the situation is that these signs of ‘perfection’ have been air-brushed to Timbuctoo and back again, but that doesn’t register at the time.

The problem here is that having a negative relationship with your body is going to block your energy, it is going to cause you to become very self-critical, negative, and your overall confidence is going to suffer as a result. This doesn’t make you attractive to outsiders, because you’re so full of self-loathing, that they can’t see how you could ever make them happy, if you can’t be happy with yourself.

It sounds deep, but it’s true! You give off negative vibrations without even realising it when you dislike something about yourself, and whilst it’s totally normal to have the odd thing about yourself that you’re not completely in love with, it’s important to make peace with it and turn it into a positive, rather than allow the negative to totally take over. This is where the power of your mind comes in.

Identify everything that is dragging you down about who you are, whether that is something about how you look, a part of your personality, or something else; now you have that information, you need to change that negative thought process into something positive. For instance, if you don’t like your stomach, instead of focusing on the negative, change that thought to, ‘I have killer curves’.

Repeat, repeat, repeat this affirmation until your brain retrains itself to recognise this thought first. Over time your negativity will be replaced with positivity, because its the truth!

As this progresses, your confidence will grow, and as a result, the way you present yourself to the outside world will be much more approachable and unblocked. Using positive affirmations every day can also help, e.g. ‘I am loveable’.Once you retrain your brain to recognise your wonderfulness, it’s just a matter of time before you manifest that man or woman into your life!

So, can you attract real love to your life without the need for spells, candles, witchcraft and all manner of hocus pocus? Yes you can! It’s all down to the power that is already there inside your brain, and once you recognise this fact and use it for your own gain, you can look forward to big love coming your way!

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