How to Attract a Guy While Being Yourself

Attracting any guy is easy. Attracting a guy that is worth your time is a little harder, but if you have the right guidance, it is perfectly possible. The potential to attract is something every woman has. It is a part of what makes women women.

The same potential for any guy to feel attraction to just about any woman is there, too. All you need to do is make the connection.

What to Avoid if You Want to Know How to Attract a Guy

There are a few things to avoid if you want to begin attracting guys. Many mistakes are commonly made by women who are looking to attract guys that end up hurting their efforts. Being needy is just one of them.

The worst thing you can show to a guy is desperation, so no matter how long you have been alone, don’t act needy. Know that things will happen, eventually, and the process will be accelerated the more you focus on building attractive qualities.

You would do well not to count the things you don’t have, either. Money, clothes, a car, or even good looks are not at all necessary to attract guys. Even if you do have one or more of those things, they shouldn’t be what is used to attract anyone, especially if you are looking to score something real.

What You Need

Attracting a guy who is accepting of who you are is a good thing.

However, there are a few things you need to work on, and this is to be expected. The very fact that you need to attract someone is indicative of some shakeup in your life. This does not mean radically changing who you are. It just means taking steps down a path that will lead you to where you want to be.

You need to keep busy. Being idle doesn’t look good, but more importantly, it doesn’t expose you to the guys you would be looking to attract. It is also one of many activities that will help you build self-confidence.

The latter is a character trait that cannot be undervalued. Focus on all of what is good about you so that you can use those aspects to attract those who will appreciate those traits.

You should also change the question around. Instead of asking how to attract a guy, ask what it would take for the right man to attract you. This is another way to embrace your self-worth. You don’t have to sell yourself to the guy, know your own value, know what you’re looking for, live your life. And then, they will come.

Ever met those girls who are quite pretty but not like supermodel gorgeous? Yet all the men are flocking towards them. This is because they have ease, they have personality, interests, a busy life. They attract men by being themselves! We all live in a world that tries to sell us stuff to make ourselves more attractive. The open secret is that what you need to be more attractive lies within yourself. It does not depend on an eyeliner, a maxi dress, the latest trends.


Always remember to value yourself above all else. No woman who undervalues her inherent being is ever attractive. Make a little effort to work on developing yourself and you should have no problem knowing that you are worth something special. Also, remember to look for a guy who values himself. This means finding someone who puts as much effort in refining himself as you did. Above all, be careful not to forget to try and always be grounded in reality when it comes to expectations. Know what’s essential for you, what makes you happy, and the rest is just bonus stuff.




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